Consistently Consistent in 3 steps

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Consistently Consistent 

We’ve all heard it – “Consistency is key” , in parenting, in dieting, in finances, in all your life goals!

It’s true though! Consistency, (not racing) will help you achieve the life you want. What I’ve learned over many, MANY years of frustration, due to not ever being consistent in working towards by goals, is that living a content and satisfied life does not come without sacrifice.  I will never achieve what I truly want without some self adjusting.

One step at a time

After deciding what it is you want, wether it be, getting healthy, finding your dream job, organizing your home, etc., start with one step at a time. Not that I have it all together, nor have I achieved all my goals in life, but below are 3 very important steps that have helped me get closer, and I hope they will help you as well.


1. Find inspiration

Find people who are living the life that you want or have the job/hobby you want, and study them. Research websites, blogs and podcasts on what you are interested in. Constantly keep your vision in front of you.


2. Keep it simple

A lot of times, when starting something new, we tend to think about all the BIG changes we have to make right away. Don’ t do that!

Start with small/simple goals you can be consistent in. This will help make long lasting


3. Make a to-do list

Marking off a to do list will consistently up your consistency game. I would start with a minimum of 3 things and no more than 5 each day, to begin with. I prefer making my list for a week at a time.

Example of my top 3 daily health goals…

1. Drink at least 64 oz. water 7 days a week

2. Walk at least 5,000 steps and a pilates class 5 days a week

3. Eat 70 oz. of lean protein 7 days a week

When I have this list and see in every day I am reminded of what must be consistently done on a daily or weekly basis to achieve my goal of being healthy and feeling my best.

***In reference to #2, I started simple by…

1. Drinking at least 16oz. of water each day

2. Walking at least 2,000 steps each day

3. Adding a premier protein shake as a daily snack to up my protein

There ya go. 3 easy steps to help you become consistently, consistent in reaching your life goals. But please know…. there will be good days, as well as bad days. DO NOT let the bad days, derail your efforts. Just start fresh the next day and keep on keeping on!

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