A Front Porch Made In The South

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A Front Porch Made In The South


Nothing says Southern Hospitality like a porch with overflowing ferns and the smell of confederate jasmine!

I would like to take all the credit, but it is my thoughtful husband who waters these beauties religiously because he knows how much I adore coming home to THIS ….. He also knows how forgetful I am.




The history of the front porch is a history of America

Our modern idea of the front porch as an outdoor room has only been around since the mid-1800’s. Originally, the idea of a porch came from the classical portico; an entryway highlighted by a roof and supporting columns. As time went on, architects in the south realized they could take better advantage of the shade and breezes if a roof was added.

Expanding into deeper, fuller spaces, they shaded the homes interior and allowed windows to remain opens they could take advantage of breezes regardless of the weather. As the idea of an outdoor room developed, streets were lined with homes with front porches, and the gathering spaces helped create a feeling of family and community. The era of front porch living was at its height.

The invention of air conditioning, television  and changing tastes in housing (with he emphasis on backyards and privacy) many have curbed their popularity, but the appeal of the front porch as a gathering place, especially in the south, still remains.




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