Happy Mothers Day

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To all the sweet Mama’s out there…


Not everything your child does, (good or bad) is a reflection of your parenting.
Even in the most stable and well-disciplined homes, children (and parents) mess up from time to time. Children have their own personalities and temperaments and some just do as they darn well please.
(Trust me on this one) Please stop comparing yourself and your children to other families who “appear” to have it all together. Looks can be deceiving. (Again-Trust me)


We all need advice and guidance from time to time and this is completely okay. But don’t always assume that one parenting style fits all. Pray for wisdom and trust God to show you what is best for YOUR family. Mrs. Super Mom doesn’t know your babies the way you do and I can guarantee you, she doesn’t love them like you do.


After being a Mom for almost 26 years and raising a 25 24, 22 and 20 year old; here are a few things God has shown me over the years.

These things may not keep your child behaving perfectly at all times, but they will prepare them to live the life God has planned for them, keep them, (and all their friends) looking forward to coming home and they will keep your children in your life…


*Correct inappropriate behavior, but say no only when absolutely necessary. (natural consequences are sometimes the best lesson)
*Allow your children to be who they are and allow yourself to be who you are.
DON”T imitate other families.
*Don’t just love your children. LIKE your children.
*See the best in them, speak well of them and ENJOY them.
*Be their biggest fan and loudest cheerleader.
*Most importantly…Pray for them.

Oh! And feed them!!! Lol


Be free to be the Mother God designed YOU to be.






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