Things I’m thankful for after 50


1.  The realization that I have a second half, and that I have good health and money set aside to enjoy it.

2. Friends of all ages, races, religious and political afiliation.

3. I have bought something ridiculously expensive just because I deserve it.

4. I have children who look to me for guidance and advice (even though they don’t always act on it)

5. The ability to let go of the hurts from my childhood and embrace the fact that my parents did the best they could with the skills they had.

6. I have secrets that makes me smile and memories that makes make me cringe….because those memories were lessons that made me who I am today.

7. The knowledge of what I am willing to accept and what I will not accept in a relationship.

8. I’ve learned to do things just for me and no one else.

9. Older women in my life who embody the traits I want to develop in my older years.

10. A faith that is unshakable.

11. The ability to say NO without having to give a reason.

12. Done many kind things for people who have no way to ever repay my kindness. (and it’s been even better when they haven’t known it was me)

13. I’ve accomplished something (a career)  outside of my children and not tied to my spouse.

14. I have built an amazing life with the man I fell in love with at 19 years old.

15. I’ve forgiven myself for past mistakes, but have learned from every single one of them.