A Weekend In Orlando

A Weekend In Orlando   Nothing like a weekend away to recharge the marital batteries.  After a few days in Orlando for a work related trip, Michael flew down and met me for the weekend. We [...]

Sexy is as sexy does

We’ve all heard the saying,  “Pretty is as pretty does”. Basically meaning; truly pretty people also act pretty. They are kind, respectful and considerate of others. They [...]

The building stages

“Happy Anniversary L, Thank you for 10 happy years”  “Ummm, babe, we’ve been married for 15. “Yeah, but if you add in the days we’ve been miserable, [...]

Meet me on the porch

Aahhh, the smell of a charcoal grill… There are few things I enjoy more than cooking outside and hanging out on the back porch on a beautiful Charleston afternoon. And when I get to hang [...]

THE perfect woman

Are you his perfect woman? If you ask 10 men what they are looking for in the perfect woman, you will get answers from one end of the spectrum to the other. She has to have blond hair, dark [...]

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